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The following film gives you a short overview of our tours


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A lot of clients have been on tour with us in 2007 and 2008, and they have seen

many exciting things...





Telekom Austria TA AG from Vienna


  • Western, Westerngames, Incentive


The Telekom Austria AG enjoyed our Western Games in the Gurktal/Carinthia!


After their arrival in the Western City the participants got Cowboy hats and could try a glass of Whisky.


Then the Western Games began! All teams had great fun with the competitions like Lasso- and Horseshoe

throwing, Schnapps

angling, stave running, cow milking, Bull riding and of course archery and gun shooting!


A true highlight has definitely been the creative bank robbery. The participants had to dress up and

hi-jack a bank in a funny way.


A DJ and a Western Country Band from Carinthia entertained the group and a pyrotechnic

show amazed them very much.


The event ended with a cosy dinner in the Hirter brewery. Of course everybody was dancing and







Pollmann from Lower Austria and the Czech Republic


  • Teamolympiade, Hochseilgarten, Nixhöhle


Colleagues of the company Pollmann from Lower Austria and the Czech Republic visited

the Mostviertel with us!


After the arrival near Frankenfels in Lower Austria's Mostviertel they began the program with

the team Olympics. Sawing, milking "Zenzi", throwing hay bales, identification of Schnapps were

just a few of the disciplines during the Olympics. The group had great fun!


Afterwards they enjoyed a delicious barbecue!


Next morning the bigger part of the group visited the "Nix cave" during a nice hiking tour.

The other part had adrenaline pure on the high ropes course!






Peneder Stahl from Atzbach in Upper Austria


  • Betriebsausflug, Teamolympiade, Frigga


Peneder Stahl enjoyed the Team Olympics in Carinthia


With the tractor taxi the group Peneder from Upper Austria came to the Alpine lodge.


They strengthened with a Frigga, a traditional Carinthian meal and had great fun with the Team

Olympics! Disciplines like monster roller, team ski, trunk throwing or cow milking made

good mood.


They ended the afternoon with music from the accordion and the "Teufelsgeige". The

group stayed overnight in apartments in Bad Kleinkirchheim.






Ikarus Security Software from Vienna



Ikarus was in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria with us


After their arrival the group enjoyed an exciting quad tour in the beautiful Waldviertel.


They overnighted in tipis on a nice area, where the participants also enjoyed a delicious

barbecue. Additionally they played football and went fishing.


Next day the group had a paintball competition near Allentsteig!






Elsevier from the Netherlands



Elsevier was on a Quad tour in Lower Austria with us


With beautiful weather the group started a cosy quad tour that brought them to the forests

and meadows.

After a short break they enjoyed the final stage.






Phoron Consulting from Vienna



The Phoron has been in the Waldviertel with us


In the morning they had great fun at the "Schloss Olympics". They had disciplines like

"Ringel Stechen", "blind trust", soft air gun shooting, and many more.


In the afternoon they had a guiding tour through the castle and the participants could improve

their acting at the historic court case!


Some participants also tried the Bigfly - a huge Flying Fox above a lake. They finished their

trip with a nice barbecue.






Werbemax from Bavaria

The company Werbemax visited the surroundings of Lofer/Salzburg with us.


After a short hiking tour the group had great fun at the archery contest. In the afternoon they

were rafting on the Saalach. During the tour they had a short hiking tour through an

impressive canyon.


In the end the participants could enjoy a delicious barbecue.






For Geoevents we organised the activities of the IBM Summersplash in Carinthia



Team Olympics and lake rafting race at the Wörther See

After their seminars the IBM could relax, have fun and also do sports in the evenings.


On the first evening they enjoyed the Team Olympics! They laughed a lot when they had

the Team Ski competition, milking the cow, Fraggale fishing, Stave race, trunk throwing

and gumboot throwing.


Next evening it was sportier at the rafting race on the lake. In teams they fighted boat

against boat and were happy when they all finished the circuit on the Wörther See.

It was definitely great fun!






APT from Graz and Hartberg/Styria



Adventures in Slovenia!

The APT has been on tour with us again! This year they went to Lake Bohinj in Slovenia!


At the delicious wine tasting the participants were preparing for the big party in the

evening. They

were dancing and singing Karaoke - even though the weather was not very good.


Next morning they divided into several groups and enjoyed the outdoor activities:

Tandem-paragliding, Rafting, Hydrospeed, High ropes course, Hiking or others visited

the beautiful city Bled.


In the end they enjoyed a good lunch before they returned to Austria again.






SKB Gebäudetechnik GmbH from Vienna



The SKB visited the Waldviertel with us!

At first they were challenging at the Teamolympics with the disciplines Double Driver,

Climbing, Archery, Quad driving and Flying Fox. It was exciting and very funny!


In the evening they had a spooky ghosts' tour in an old castle!


Next day the participants enjoyed a Wellness program in the hotel or they explored the

golf course!






Alpenländische Heimstätte from Innsbruck and Feldkirch



Munich - a different view...

The Alpenländische Heimstätte visited the exciting City Munich with us.


At first the participants go to know the "World of the Film" in the Bavaria Studios, where

they saw a Stunt show and had a guided tour!


The other day some of the group enjoyed an interesting guided tour through the city of



They also had a lot of culinary highlights, for example in the famous "Augustiner Cellar"!






Novartis AG - Staff from all over Europe



Ghosts' Tour and Teambuilding in the Waldviertel

The Novartis AG had a seminar for colleagues from all over Europe at the Dungl Resort

in Gars am Kamp/Lower Austria.


In the evening they enjoyed a delicious dinner in the castle before the ghosts' tour made

their flesh creep!


The next day the had a team Olympics in the Waldviertel with disciplines like

Hang and

Throw, Double Driver, Quad parcours, Archery, etc. All the participants had great fun!


One group had an interesting city tour through Vienna the next day.






Proske Group GmbH



Sailing trip on the Neusiedler See/Burgenland

The Proske group has been at the Neusiedler See with one of their groups from Frankfurt.


The participants got an initial training on the sailing sport before the enjoyed a cosy sailing







ten&one GmbH from Munich



Rafting and barbecue in the Mölltal

The event agency ten&one visited the Carinthian Mölltal before they went to a EURO 2008

Match in the evening in Klagenfurt.


The participants got quite wet during the rafting tour on the river Möll. After that they enjoyed

a nice barbecue as well!






MSR Consulting from Cologne



Canyoning, High ropes course, Rafting and Hiking through a canyon in the Mölltal

The MSR as well has been in the Cartinthian Mölltal with us.


In the morning the participants enjoyed an exciting Canyoning Tour or went Rafting!

For lunch they had a typical Carinthian "Jause".


Finaly they went to the high ropes course nearby, while the other were hiking through the

beautiful Raggaschlucht!






Sauren Fonds-Service AG from Cologne



High ropes course and Rafting in the Mölltal/Carinthia

The Sauren AG visited the beautiful Carinthian Mölltal with us.


At the beginning they had a lot of adrenalin in the high ropes course, before they enjoyed

a nice barbecue for lunch.


In the afternoon they went rafting on the river Möll. They finished their exciting day at the

EURO 08 in Klagenfurt!






Promerit AG from Frankfurt and Munich



Afrika Afrika, outdoor program and Party evening in Salzburg

The Promerit started their trip to Salzburg with an exciting evening at the event Afrika Afrika!


The next day they had an adventurous Outdoor day with Rafting, Mountain Biking and



In the evening they went to an Alpine Cabin and enjoyed the delicious "Hutessen".

They finished off the evening with a funny "Almparty", before they went back to Germany

the following day.






Schäcke Elektrogroßhandel from Villach/Carinthia



Dinner in Salzburg and Afrika Afrika!

The Schäcke from Villach had their client's event once again with us!


This time they went for a nice evening to Salzburg. There they could enjoy a delicious

dinner in the St. Peters Stiftskeller.


After that they went to the impressive and colourful event Afrika Afrika! on the fairground in



Next morning they returned to Carinthia again.






Sunrise Communications AG from Switzerland



James Bond Trophy in Vorarlberg

The Sunrise Communications has been searching for the "Bad Guy Aquarius" during the

James Bond Trophy in Vorarlberg!


The first day the agents of Your Majesty got trained very hard. They were learning

Archery, Quad driving, climbing, shooting, and so on.



In the evening they found the first hints for Aquarius and the spies had to rope down

the Seebühne in Bregenz. After that the got more hints in the Casino Bregenz during the

delicious dinner!


Next day the real adventure began! During a Canyoning tour the agent had to find and

disarm a bomb from Aquarius, which they did perfectly!



On Mountain Bikes they found the trace of the Bad Guy and the hunted him through the

city of Dornbirn. The chase ended in a huge paintball area! But again he managed to



In the Outdoor Center in the Bregenzer Wald there was the big showdown and the agents

could finally catch Aquarius after the Flying Fox!


The whole thing was celebrated with a big party with a suckling-pig barbecue and music!






OMV Autohof St. Valentin in Lower Austria



Teamgames in the Waldviertel

The OMV Autohof St. Valentin has been in the Waldviertel with two groups for one day in

each case.


At first the groups had to manage several tasks at the "Way of Feelings" without using their



After that the groups had great fun with the Walking Letter, Archery and

Flying Fox.


In the end they enjoyed a barbecue and the winning ceremony!






Biebl Design GmbH from Upper Austria



Several Team Games near Waidhofen/Thaya in the Waldviertel

Biebl Design has spent an exciting and funny day in the Waldviertel with us.


At the Team Games they had great fun! The disciplines were, Walking Letter, Gumboot

Throwing, Crazy car, Archery and Hang and Throw!


Finally they had a delicious barbecue!






Event for their clients of the Skandia Austria Holding AG from Vienna



Historic court case and Team Games in the Waldviertel

The Skandia Ag had their client's event in the Waldviertel with us.


At first the participants could improve their acting at the historic court case.


Afterward they had great fun with the Team Games, like archery, abseiling, and so on.


They finished their trip with a delicious dinner in the castle.






RWS Gebäudereinigung GmbH from Germany



Vienna, Offroad experience Hungary and canoe tour in meadows of the Danube

The RWS Company has spent exciting days in and round Vienna.


After a city tour in Vienna they enjoyed a delicious dinner in a Viennese restaurant.


The next day the group had an ultimate Offroad experience in Hungary. It was great fun to

drive over cambers, hills and of course lots of mud!


On the final day the enjoyed a canoe tour in the meadows of the Danube in Lower Austria and

had beautiful weather.





Peneder Bau from Upper Austria



Active in the Nockberge

Peneder Bau has been in the Nockberge with us!


At the beginning they had a guided hiking tour before they had to prove in several

exercises in teams. They had to manage a monster roller parcours, fishing for schnapps

glasses, milking a cow, archery contest, and so on.


After that there was a great winning ceremony with frigga at a cabin.


In the evening they enjoyed a cosy barbecue in the Hotel near Faaker See.






Emerson Process - Colleagues from all over Europe and the USA



Da Vinci Code Trophy through the city of Vienna

Emerson Process made a very interesting da Vinci Code Trophy through the City of Vienna

with us.


With GPS the teams had to find interesting and thrilling places in Vienna, like the crypt of

St. Michaela, the canal, where they once shot "the Third man", the Opera, etc


Each station included different kinds of riddles from and about Leonardo da Vinci.


On their way they met strange persons, like a monk, an agent, a musician, a flower girl or a



The award ceremony took place in the Piaristenkeller with a great dinner.

In the end they all visited the K&K hatmuseum.






Expert International GmbH with colleagues from all over Europe



Wine management in the Burgenland

The Expert International has visited a well known winemaker in the Burgenland.


After a guided tour through the wineyards the enjoyed an interesting wine presentation

from the vinter.


The culinary highlight was a 10-course Winemakers Dinner of course with the appropriate






Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA from Poland



Skiing days on the Nassfeld in Carinthia, Curling and a cosy evening in a lodge

Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA has spent some nice days in Carinthia!


On the Nassfeld they could enjoy a beautiful skiing day. Some of the colleagues also tried

the funny Snowbike.


The highlight was an exciting skiing competition!


During a curling tournament everybody had great fun - as they had later at the evening in

a nice lodge on the Katschberg.


With horse drawn carriages the participants were brought to the lodge!





Unser Lagerhaus from Carinthia



Skiing and more in Schladming/Styria

Unser Lagerhaus has been in Schladming with us.


After an exciting skiing day in Schladming the colleagues enjoyed a funny apres ski.


They finished their beautiful day with a dinner with Live Band!





m2n consulting and development from Linz



Sledge dog Tour and Igloo building in Upper Austria

With the company m2n we went to the Böhmer Forest in Upper Austria.


After the exciting sledge dog tour the participants had great fun when they matched up

in archery and in throwing tomahawks!


Next day the group was building an Igloo - equipped with snow shoes and together

with a professional guide.






NetApp Innovation from Vienna


  • Schlittenhunde, Schidoo, Böhmerwald


Sledge dog, Snowmobile and more in Upper Austria

The NetApp Company visites the Mühlkreis with us.


At the beginning the participants got to know the huskies, before they enjoyed a beautiful tour

through the Böhmer Forest.


After lunch they had an archery tournament.


Another highlight was the trip with the snowmobiles!






Berndorf Band from Lower Austria



Outdoor Activities in the Böhmer Forest

The Berndorf Band Company has been in the northern parts of Lower Austria with us.


At frist they visited a local brewery before they went to the Böhmer Forest. The participants

enjoyed the outdoor activities like a quad and snowmobile tour.



The sledge dogs and different funny Outdoor Games put the participants in a good mood!


In a cosy cottage they enjoyed a nice evening!






Triton Company from Poland and the Czech Republic


Outdoor Olympic in Seefeld/Tyrol

The Triton Company spent a nice afternoon in Seefeld with the funny outdoor

Winter Olympic Games.


The participants had great fun, for example with the quads!






Kastner & Schatz from Lower Austria



Salzburg and Munich

The Kastner und Schatz Company has spent 2 nice days with us.


In Salzburg they visited the Hangar 7, before they went to the famous Hutessen in Lofer!


Next day they visited the Bavaria Filmstudios in Munich!






Infineon Munich


Out- and Indoor in the Lavanttal

The Infineon Munich has been to the Lavanttal for one afternoon.


After an exciting Quad Experience they had a shooting contest and they were climbing indoor.


For dinner they had a delicious meal!


The comment of one participant:"It was superintergalactic!"






LEC Motorenforschung from Graz



Alpe Adria experience

The LEC explored the Alpe Adria area with us. At first they went to Slovenia to visit the famous

Postojna Grotto!


In the Restaurant Sunset with an awesome view over the sea they had a delicious dinner.

The overnight stay was also directly in Portoroz.


In Italy they got to know the most interesting corners of the seaport Trieste during a

guided city tour.





Schäcke Elektrogroßhandel from Villach



Nockberge pure

The Schäcke Company had great fun during their company-internal Team Olympics in

the Nockberge.


With an ambitious contest and lots of laughing they found their winning team.


They celebrated the winners during a "knight's banquet" at a castle near Straßburg.






Schäcke Elektrogroßhandel from Villach



Exploring Slovenia

The Schäcke Company also had a special event for their clients in Slovenia.


At frist they explored the famous Postojna cave with its bizarre stalactits and stalagmites.


After the cave experience followed a delicious knight's banquet.






Siemens IT Solutions and Services from Vienna

has been very sold on the special tour "Unknown and subterrestrial Vienna"!






Volksbank Niederösterreich Mitte


  • Betriebsausflug Wien einmal anders mit Kanaltour und Gruftentour, Dialog im Dunkeln, Beisltour und Kabarett, Donauturm


Vienna - a different view

After Brunch the participants went to the dark sides of Vienna. At first they visited the canal,

where the film "The 3rd Man" has been shot, then they went to the crypt of St. Michael's

church - very spooky!


After dinner they enjoyed different city entertainments, like a cabaret.


Next morning the got to know the world of the blind people - at the "dialogue in the dark".


They finished their trip with a delicious lunch in the Danube Tower.






SHV - Sozialhilfeverband Liezen from Styria


  • Betriebsausflug Ritteressen, Mölltal Rafting, Canyoning, Raggaschlucht, Klettergarten


Knight's banquet and Outdoor pure in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Carinthia

The SHV Liezen spent a lot of time at the knight's banquet, because after lunch they were

dancing and singing karaoke!


Next day they went to the Mölltal for Rafting, Canyoning, Climbing and hiking in the Raggaschlucht.


They ended this beautiful day with a nice barbecue!






Scherbaum & Seebacher from Graz

were very sporty in the Nockberge in Carinthia. They also had great fun!






Grabner Instruments from Vienna


  • Schlossolympiade Gerichtsverhandlung Grillerei Betriebsausflug Waldviertel


Waldviertler Castle Adventure with historic court case and Castle Olympics

The Grabner Instruments Company visited the old castle in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria.


After a funny historic court case, several team could match during the castle Olympics!






Restaurant Grotta Azzurra from Vienna


  • Weinerntetag und Gourmet Weindegustation Burgenland


Wine experience in the Burgenland

The Gourmetrestaurant Grotta Azzurra was able to help a famous vinemaker from the Burgenland

during the vintage!


The sun was shining while the participants enjoyed a good snack in the vineyards. After a presentation

of the wineyard management they could relish a 10-course wine menu with the adequate wines!






Kelly GmbH from Vienna


  • Betriebsausflug Waldviertel Schlossabenteuer Geistertour Gerichtsverhandlung


Waldviertler castle tour with a historic court case and ghost's tour

After the court case and a delicious dinner served by a famous chef the participants

explored the Renaissance Castle looking for spooky ghosts!


The participants screamed a lot while they were going through the cellar and the loft of the

castle in the pitch dark!


Next day they went back to Vienna!






Energiecomfort from Vienna


  • Quad; Jeepoffroad Betriebsausflug Ungarn


Energiecomfort from Vienna enjoy a superlative Offroad Day in Hungary.


Quad- and Jeep parcours, Jeep tour to the Offroad area, archery, a seperate wellness area

and delicious Hungarian food at the campfire - everything in one day!






T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH from Villach

  • Almolympiade; Friggaschmaus; Hüttenzauber

Exciting moments in the Nock mountains, Carinthia

The Company T.I.P.S. from Villach was very sporty at the beginning with a mountain bike

and nordic walking tour. Afterwards they had a traditional Frigga for lunch.


In the afternoon everybody had great fun with the Team Olympics on the Alm.


In a cosy camp the had the overnight stay. In the morning the tractor taxi brought them

back to the valley!





Capella hotels-president and journalists


  • Almzauber mit Hubschrauber


Mister Schulze, President of Europe's Capella Hotels was accompanied by journalists

and they were enjoying one day in the Alps with a helicopter. A little hiking tour, fishing and

VIP support service inkluding a helicopter flight. Altogether it was a nice day in the middle of

the "Nockberge".






Company Typo3expert from Klagenfurt/Austria



The company typo3expert has been in the Gesäuse (Styria) with us

One weekend with hiking, climbing, overnight stays in cottages and so on.






Hutchison, Company Drei from Vienna/Austria



The company Drei has been in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria) with us

Ghosts tour, Pendolo, Houserunning, Flying Fox, Rotor Space, Climbing,

Pamperpole, Climbing on boxes, Visit of the zoo in Waldraabs,

Archery and Crazy Car






Company Re'public from Berlin



The company Re'public was spending Wellness- and Activity weekend in the "Nockberge"

(Carinthia) with us

Hiking around 3 lakes, Mountain bike tour, Canoe tour, hiking through a canyon, Wine tasting,

Massage treatment and excellent kitchen from the "Almcook" and an Activity program at a

farm and in the "Alpenzoo" with their kids.






Trip of the group Keller from Switzerland



The group Keller enjoyed their jubilee with 4 exciting outdoor days in Bavaria and Salzburg

Flying helicopter, cosy visit of a cottage in the Alps, Canyoning, Quad Tour and Climbing!





Company Schwarzl from Styria



The company Schwarzl has been in Bad Kleinkirchheim for 2 days

Team-Olympics in the "Nockberge" with archery, trunk throwing, fishing for schnapps

bottles and milking cows as well as Mountain biking and Nordic walking.






Company Roxcel from Vienna



The companies Roxcel and RMG were spending an amusing and murderous Team-building

weekend in the "Waldviertel" (Lower Austria)

Hiking, Team Olympics at the castle, Galadinner with "chaoswaiters", Dunglhotel-

Wellness and recreation, Lunch and Crime in the castle of Ottenstein.





Company Weinberger Biletti from Vienna and Graz



The company Weinberger Biletti has been on a Teambuilding Weekend in Carinthia

Terra Mystica, Medieval Dinner in the castle of Straßburg, Mountain biking and Nordic walking,

Team Olympics mit Frigga, Barbeque at the lake and "Almhüttendorf Turrach".





The "Ambulatorium physikalische Therapie" from Styria



The company APT has been at the Wörther See and in Gailtal (both in Carinthia) with us

Motorboat Trip on the Wörther See, Medieval dinner in the castle of Straßburg, Rafting,

Canyoning, Lamatrekking and Viking Rafting!





The company Sobitsch from Styria went Mining Tunnel Biking at the Klopeiner See with us






The company Adlink from Vienna was visiting Europe's largest Offroad Area in Györ

(Hungary) testing Quads and Jeeps for one day.





Beside these ones a lot of other clients have experienced different kinds of adventures,

that won't be forgotten. Flying a helicopter, Canyoning tours, driving Formula 1 cars, climbing,

Tours on the "Großglockner".


Thank you very much for your confidence!




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